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Moving Cars and Furniture

Loading up all of your possessions and moving from one state to another can be quite daunting, especially when you have not only furniture, but also a car or two that need relocating. Fortunately, Moving Yourself has the experience and the moving equipment necessary to transport your vehicles easily.

When needed, Moving Yourself can provide 53’ moving trucks, which can accommodate furniture and/or multiple cars.  Our relocation specialists will consult with you to determine which specific moving services will provide what you need, while saving you time and money.

Below you will find the answers to many of our previous customers’ questions regarding moving furniture and cars.

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We sure can. And by moving your car with us, you can get discounts in conjunction with a household shipment.
We certainly do. We have some very economical choices for moving your car and furniture. Please give us a call at 800-876-6839 to discuss as there are several inexpensive options for moving the cars.
Rheanna, If you are moving a household with the minivan, you can put it right inside the moving truck that we provide. If you have a smaller shipment, we can ship the car on a car transporter. I would contact one of our relocation specialists for pricing at 800-876-6839.
Yes we do! Call 800-876-6839 and speak to one of the relocation specialists that answer the phone. They will help you with a moving package that will meet your needs.
Gerry, We do move cars as well. Cars can be loaded on the same moving truck with the household goods. A wall separates them from the other items on the truck.
We do move vehicles. We can also move your car and furniture on the same moving truck.
Sarah, It does not. There are safeguards in modern automobiles that keep this from being hazardous in any way.
Patrice,'s speciality is moving your car on the same moving van with your furniture. Your furniture goes into a private compartment on the moving truck and your car or SUV will go into a compartment right behind it. This is the more expensive option for shipping your car and furniture on the same truck, so you might want to have your representative price this with the car going on a car transport as well. Making Moving Easier,
To get a price immediately emailed to you, fill out the request for at When moving cars with, the auto can go inside the moving van or it can be shipped separately on an auto transporter. We can get you pricing for both ways to see which one is best for you.
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