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Moving Cars and Furniture

Loading up all of your possessions and moving from one state to another can be quite daunting, especially when you have not only furniture, but also a car or two that need relocating. Fortunately, Moving Yourself has the experience and the moving equipment necessary to transport your vehicles easily.

When needed, Moving Yourself can provide 53’ moving trucks, which can accommodate furniture and/or multiple cars.  Our relocation specialists will consult with you to determine which specific moving services will provide what you need, while saving you time and money.

Below you will find the answers to many of our previous customers’ questions regarding moving furniture and cars.

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Hi Sonya, We can move your car along with your furniture. We do not give out quotes on the forum since the rates are subject to change. Please fill out the quote form and we will email some pricing to you right away.
Hi Bernetta, We can certainly help you with moving your car and furniture. Please fill out our quote form and we will promptly email pricing to you.
Robert, You can put your motorcycle right inside the moving truck. There are place throughout the moving van to secure the motorcycle, but you will need to provide your own moving pads and straps.
Jessika, Absolutely. We can move a car with any shipment. Ask your relocation specialist for details.
Kasi, See the link at the bottom of the page to "Moving Cars". The answer to just about any question for moving cars can be found there (and lots of other helpful Q&A too!).
Hi Zachary, Absolutely! We move cars and furniture every day and we service almost every point in the lower 48 states. We will email a quote over right away.
Rhonda, You should order 20ft of space on the moving van (since it is 8' wide, not 10' like your storage). We do supply ramps for you to load your car, but check with your relocation specialist at 800-876-6839. Some cars won't go up the ramps and require a wrecker to load (this usually costs about $65).
Alexis, Yes you can. We provide you with straps and pads to secure your bike as well as your furniture.
Hi Hamid, For safety and security purposes, the cars must be empty when they are being transported. Movingyourself Web Team
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