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Hi Abdul, Yes, we can help you with long distance moving pricing. We are a self service mover, so you will provide the loading and unloading and we will provide the truck, fuel, driver, and door to door transport. We see that you already filled out our quote request, so we will be emailing some pricing for your move over shortly.

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Tasha, We move people on and off of military bases every week and have an excellent program for military dity moves. We can provide you with weight tickets and the documentation that you will need in order for the military to reimburse you for a permanent change of station move. You can count on us transporting your goods approximately 500 miles a day. So it would take 4 or 5 days to get to Colorado. We do have flexibility in our scheduling and can provide service in just about any point in the US in under 72 hours. Obviously, the more notice that we have the easier it is to get you into our trucking schedule and provide excellent service.

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Hi Victoria, We can certainly help your son with his long distance move. We would recommend shipping the car and pickup on an auto transporter and the furniture on a moving van. We can help you with all of that. We see that you filled out our quote request form and will put together some excellent pricing and email it over to you. Movingyourself

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Hey Brenda, We can certainly help you with moving your car and furniture long distance. We do not post pricing on the q&a because each move is unique and occurs at different times, both of which affect pricing. Please fill out our quote form at the top of this page, and we will promptly email pricing for your long distance move. Movingyourself

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