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General Service Questions blends the convenience of full service moving with the value of a rental truck. You load, we drive, you save! Why risk driving a rented moving truck across the country or pay the high price of full-service moving? Take control of your move and peace of mind in the process. Moving Yourself, a service of MovingPlace, will arrange for a moving truck to come to your home. It can be left for up to three days for YOU to LOAD. WE DRIVE to your new home where you have up to three days to unload. Our moving truck service is simple and inexpensive!

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Kimberly, Because of the self-load nature of our business, we cannot clear customs on international shipments since the goods have not been manifested and inspected by a certified agent. You will need to choose a full-service mover to move internationally.
Lynn, We start with our lowest discounted prices to all of our customers. is the best and most inexpensive way to move, period. We are also very custoemr friendly and do not rush you. Ample time is allowed for all loads. As far as determining space, we can give you some guidelines, but ultimately the choice of how much space to reserve rests in your hands. We recommend ordering more space than you think you will need so you have a relaxing, event free moving day. In most instances, several more feet of space is not expensive at all and worth the peace of mind.
Jenny, You will need to call our service center to check on those areas. Both are remote and may have some loading restrictions (we service them, but not every day of the week, so we need to book early). We quote the same low rates for weekdays and weekends. However, we have limited capacity and the weekends fill up fastest. So make your reservations early.
Karen, We do have some great options for small shipments. You will need some flexibility so that we can "fit them" into the schedule, but our pricing is outstanding.
Shweta, only provides service for state to state moves. You will need to contact a local moving company for your local move.
Arnold, We are a self-service mover.. which means that we provide the truck, fuel, moving equipment, and door to door transport. We do not rent trucks that you can drive.
Dave, You can certainly pack your firearms. They need to be boxed and, if possible, the barrels and/or cylinders removed. Make sure that no ammunition goes on the moving truck as that is a hazardous material violation.
Hi Maureen, For the fastest service, please call our offices at 800-876-6839 and a relocation specialist can assist you right away.
Jenn, We generally need about 5 days notice to guarantee a truck. If you have less time than that, we will need to check availability before confirming your moving truck.
Kimmie, You can set up the order and move it without him. You just need to put both of your names on the documentation. We can help you with all of the paperwork and weight tickets that you will need for your DITY move.
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