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General Service Questions blends the convenience of full service moving with the value of a rental truck. You load, we drive, you save! Why risk driving a rented moving truck across the country or pay the high price of full-service moving? Take control of your move and peace of mind in the process. Moving Yourself, a service of MovingPlace, will arrange for a moving truck to come to your home. It can be left for up to three days for YOU to LOAD. WE DRIVE to your new home where you have up to three days to unload. Our moving truck service is simple and inexpensive!

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JR, You need to call a freight carrier like ABF Upack. We only ship household goods. They will be able to help you with your frozen beef and hog shipping. Thanks,
Walt, Sure we do! We have some great options for small moves that are very economical. Fill out the request form at the top of this page and a quote will be emailed to you.
Aundrea, Since you are loading and unloading the goods, you can certainly leave them in plastic bags. We require a 10% (fully refundable) deposit to reserve your moving truck. The balance is due on the day of loading.
Kim, Great question with a couple of answers. A lot of in-state moves are regulated by the individual states. would have to be licensed in each state. As is, we have a national Federal license that allows us to participate in interstate commerce without further licensing by the individual states. Secondly, most in-state moves do not make financial sense. While our prices are very low, we can't compete with renting a Uhaul for $19.95 and paying a mileage charge. Uhaul is no bargain for out of state moves. Most of the time, can move you cheaper.
Jennifer, The trucks are broken down into seperate compartments so that everyone loads and unloads their own stuff without intermingling the goods. That is part of the beauty of the system as it eliminates damage from over handling.
Cheryl, Moving companies want to charge by the pound because there is absolutely no way you can control your cost as a consumer using this method. If they estimate 4000# and end up picking up 5000#, they will charge you 20% more and demand it in cash before they unload. It is a rip-off. With, you know your cost exactly and your cost per foot if you go over. So if you load 15ft and need 20ft, you will know exactly what that 20ft will cost (if it is available). OR, you have the option of only loading the 15ft and paying exactly what you were quoted. has no hidden surprises like a weight-based mover has.
Cindy, We service most any point in Montana as long as it is within 100 miles of the interstate. If you are not within 100 miles of an interstate, you will need to call our office at 800-876-6839 to see if your town is serviceable by
Lol! No worries. Pods is a great service, but a lot more expensive. You actually load your furniture right onto the moving van. Each truck is equipped with loading ramps and a bulkhead wall. Each customer is in a private compartment on one big truck. actually arranges for the moving truck, driver, and door-to-door transport, so there is no opportunity to drive one of the vehicles. Also, all of the trucks require Class A, CDL, drivers.
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