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Loading and Unloading

Because Moving Yourself is not one of the big chain moving companies, people are often understandably curious about what they can expect from our relocation services. We are happy to help you understand the moving solutions we offer, and how you can benefit from our moving truck services.

Here you will find answers to many of the most common general service questions that we receive. They will help you to understand the basics regarding how we handle issues such as moving service pricing, last minute moves and other common issues.

If you do not see your question answered here, please contact us.

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Hi Sandra, We only provide the transportation for long distance moving. We recommend or for moving labor services. MovingYourself
Karen, There is a link at the top of this page where you can find loading and unloading help. does not arrange or provide it. It is through a 3rd party vendor.
The amount of time you have to load the moving truck is dependent on the size of the shipment. The more space that you rent on the moving van, the more time you get. We allow ample time for all loading. If you call our office at 800-876-6839, our reps can tell you exactly how much time you will get and how much time you can get at no extra charge.
Steve, can actually wait while you load and then leave when you are finished. Other self-service companies and PODS leave the units for days at a time. Not only is this inconvenient, it is not secure and someone could come and steal your stuff at night.
Bryce, Loading time varies with how much space you are reserving on the moving truck. We generally can leave equipment for up to 3 days. Please let your relocation specialist know how much time you need when you are booking your order.
Lesa, We can give you up to 3 business days to load your shipment, depending on the service level that you purchase. If you felt like you needed more time, just let your relocation specialist know when you set up your move. We will never pressure you on time.
Yes, We drop off the moving trucks Monday through Friday, but we can drop off on a Friday and leave the truck over the weekend at no additional cost. If you are using a full 53ft moving van, we can load on a specific Saturday or Sunday. Please call our office and one of our relocation coordinators can help you figure out what is best for your needs.
Joseph, Usually, by the time your shipment picks up, we will have all of the other orders scheduled on the truck and be able to give you a delivery date and time. We always give you plenty of notice so that you are not scrambling for help at the last minute.
Edwin, The more space that you use on the truck, the longer you get to load. We have very generous guidelines for loading time so that you do not feel rushed or stressed in the process. You can have up to 3 business days to load the moving truck at no additional charge.
With, the customer has control of the loading and unloading and the freedom to load how they choose.. So the space you order is yours to load as you wish. You can stack to the roof or you can load everything on the floor. If you are going to stack all the way to the roof, a ladder would be very helpful. Ladders are not provided as part of our services.
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