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Loading and Unloading

Because Moving Yourself is not one of the big chain moving companies, people are often understandably curious about what they can expect from our relocation services. We are happy to help you understand the moving solutions we offer, and how you can benefit from our moving truck services.

Here you will find answers to many of the most common general service questions that we receive. They will help you to understand the basics regarding how we handle issues such as moving service pricing, last minute moves and other common issues.

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With, the customer has control of the loading and unloading and the freedom to load how they choose.. So the space you order is yours to load as you wish. You can stack to the roof or you can load everything on the floor. If you are going to stack all the way to the roof, a ladder would be very helpful. Ladders are not provided as part of our services.
Mary, We generally allow up to 3 business days to load your truck (dependent on service levels, please call for details). If you would like the moving truck to stay longer than your allotted time, there is a nominal charge for it. Please ask your relocation specialist when you make your reservation.
Michelle, The amount of time that you have to load depends on how much space you order on the truck. The more space you order, the longer you have to load. We allow more than ample time for your loading and unloading.
Billy, The amount of time that you have to load the moving truck varies with the size of the shipment. We can generally give you up to 3 business days to load your truck at no additional charge. For specifics, please call and speak to a relocation specialist at 800-876-6839.
Paul, We can deliver the truck to a storage facility. As a self-service mover, we can't actually provide that labor for you. If you call your storage facility, they probably have a mover that they work with all the time that would be happy to come over and unload for you.
Niya, We only provide the transportation piece of the moving service. I would suggest contacting the storage facility. Most of them have movers that they work with for situations just like yours.
Stefanie, The driver will only stay with the moving truck for the entire day if there is another shipment on board. If you are taking the entire moving van for your move, he might drop it in front of your home and leave it there while you load. Again, security of another customer's belongings on board would dictate whether or not he stayed.
Ali, We cannot, but we work closely with a couple of labor companies that do. If you need loading or unloading help, click on the Loading/Unloading link at the top of this page and request pricing from HireaHelper 866-926-1688. They will assist you.
Loading and unloading times vary with the amount of space you have ordered on he truck. Please call your relocation specialist at 800-876-6839 to get specifics.
Mark, Absolutely. We call this a "live load". The driver will wait while you load. Generally, the first hour is free and each additional hour will be charged an hourly rate (varies based on location). If you call us, we can quickly help you with pricing for the moving truck and waiting time.
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