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Military Dity Moves

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Tasha, We move people on and off of military bases every week and have an excellent program for military dity moves. We can provide you with weight tickets and the documentation that you will need in order for the military to reimburse you for a permanent change of station move. You can count on us transporting your goods approximately 500 miles a day. So it would take 4 or 5 days to get to Colorado. We do have flexibility in our scheduling and can provide service in just about any point in the US in under 72 hours. Obviously, the more notice that we have the easier it is to get you into our trucking schedule and provide excellent service.
Kristi, We do offer extra coverage for our military customers at no charge. We also can provide you with weight tickets for your DITY move.
Hi Sabrina, Yes, military moves can ship the car and household all on the same moving truck. There are some restrictions to this that you will need to check with the Traffic Management Officer at your military installation.
Hi Courtney, We are well-versed in Military, Dity, and PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves. Make sure that you tell your relocation coordinator that you are a military customer so that we know to get you certified weight tickets for your reimbursement by the government. Thank you for your service! MovingYourself
Crystal, We provide space on moving vans. You provide the loading and unloading. will provide the truck, driver, fuel, and door to door transport for a fixed price. For military moves, we provide you with weight tickets so that you can be reimbursed for the weight moved. You will need to check with your Traffic Management Officer about shipping vehicles. We provide weights for the total shipment and cannot differentiate what is car weight and what is furniture weight on the tickets.
Brittany, If you are not married, you will not qualify for the military DITY move program. That is for military members and spouses only. I would recommend having him talk to the base transportation officer and see if they will ship your goods under his name.
LaToya, Those questions are better answered by your MTMC (Military Traffic Management Control) officer. I don't think that they will pay for your DITY move if your spouse (who is the military member) is not moving as well. Being that he is deployed, you might get some special consideration. Again, a question for the transportation office. Good luck,
Brandon, can provide weight tickets for all military DITY moves. The weight ticket has the empty weight of the moving truck and the weight of the moving truck with all of your stuff on it. The military will take the difference an reimburse you for the cost that they would have spent to do a full-service move for you. This is a great program to use for a move as the amount of money that they give you is generally much higher than what we charge... So you can actually make money when doing a military move with! Call 800-876-6839 and ask for a military move specialist. We have several on staff that can help you with questions about this program.
You will need to contact your Traffic Management officer as the process varies. will provide you with certified weight tickets and receipts that will be needed for that process.
Amanda, You will need to check with your Traffice Management Officer on base. Since you will already be married, they will more than likely have a program to assist you.
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