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Military Dity Moves

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This is a great question asked by military movers. For each military move, can provide you with certified weight tickets. Movingyourself web team
Travis, If you need weight tickets for your military reimbursement, the driver will bring those to your delivery. You need to let your sales rep know when you book your move so that they can put special instructions in your record for the driver to do so. As for receipts, we can get you payment receipts the day that we run your credit card for your move.
Bartholomew, is an excellent choice for your military move. By loading a moving truck provided by, you can not only save money on your move, but also make money under the government DITY move program. will gladly provide you with certified weight certificates so that you can be reimbursed for your move by the Traffic Management Office.
Sheila, If you are doing a DITY move, can provide you with weight tickets for reimbursement by Traffic Command. Most military members actually make money by using and loading and unloading the moving truck themselves. So, to answer your question, we don't have a military discount, but we can help you make some money on your move. Making Moving Better
Mike, DITY moves are our specialty. Most military members that use's service actually MAKE money on their move. The government reimburses them based on the weight tickets and a tariff that they have developed. The pricing often allows for you to have a little money left over at the end of your move! Making Moving Better
Mike, We are a great choice for military moves. is able to provide you empty and full weight tickets so that you can be reimbursed for your move by the government. Good question as we perform a LOT of military moves. The Web Team
Vanessa, To be perfectly honest with you, the absolute cheapest way to do this would be to store your mattress and buy a new one in Sacramento. A rental truck is the next cheapest route, and even that will be several hundred dollars (if you are moving from WA state... if you are moving from DC, you are looking at a couple of thousand dollars). We can get you some rates that will be very inexpensive when you are ready to move all of your things, but for what you are trying to accomplish here, buying a new one is definitely the way to go. Thanks, The Web Team
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