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Parking and Permitting

The departure and arrival destinations of your move can have a significant impact on your moving services. As your moving truck service provider, we want you to understand how parking and permitting issues will affect the moving process.

Moving Yourself utilizes 53’ moving trucks to make it easier for you to relocate large amounts of furniture, belongings and vehicles at one time. Our drivers are very skilled at parking these vehicles in designated loading and unloading zones, but these areas must be available for access.

Below, you will find questions and answers that might help you understand if Moving Yourself can provide relocation services in your area. You may also contact us with questions of your own.


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Martin, Most public storage places have a special area designated for loading and unloading of moving trucks. The professionals that drive the moving trucks are very capable of parking in any place that can accommodate a tractor-trailer. Making Moving Better,
Vince, Since utilizes 53' moving vans to provide the service, we are unable to help you with a move in New York City. We simply cannot navigate the tight streets. If you filled out one of the quote forms above, one of our relocation specialists will email you some ballpark rates shortly. Making Moving Better,
Lorna, The hard part for us is not the IL and OH piece. We could certainly get a moving truck for you both to share. The problem is the delivery in Manhattan. The moving truck is 53ft long and cannot maneuver in NY City. You would need to rent a smaller truck and shuttle from our truck into the city - which kind of defeats the purpose. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you on that. Making Moving Better,
Kate, provides its service on full-size, 53ft moving trucks. If you have a narrow access like you are describing above, you would need to have a smaller truck available to shuttle your goods to your home. Making Moving Better,
Kiara, You might see large trucks pass through, but you never see them park. Unforturnately, cannot provide service to Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you would like to use our service, you would need to shuttle your goods to a safe parking/staging location in New Jersey. Sorry we cannot be of more service to our friends in New York, but New York is not very moving van friendly. Making Moving Better,
Karen, Because we are a self service mover with the customer loading and unloading the moving truck, we cannot offer international shipments due to homeland security restrictions. You will need to use a full service mover that can provide you with a full manifest and border crossing liason.
Teresa, Brooklyn is the bane of the moving industry. It is nearly impossible to get moving trucks in and out of most areas. What we recommend is finding a location nearby that can easily accommodate a 53ft moving van and then shuttling your goods on a smaller truck to your street that has limited parking. While we don't offer long-term storage, we can work with you in some situations to delay delivery. A call to one of our relocation specialists will help answer those questions.
Maggi, Northwest California has some very goofy truck restrictions. I checked and we do not service Klamath (most cities west of I5 have truck restrictions that will not allow big moving vans into the area). Sorry we can't help you on this one.
Bree, Sorry, we do not do international moves.
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