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Parking and Permitting

The departure and arrival destinations of your move can have a significant impact on your moving services. As your moving truck service provider, we want you to understand how parking and permitting issues will affect the moving process.

Moving Yourself utilizes 53’ moving trucks to make it easier for you to relocate large amounts of furniture, belongings and vehicles at one time. Our drivers are very skilled at parking these vehicles in designated loading and unloading zones, but these areas must be available for access.

Below, you will find questions and answers that might help you understand if Moving Yourself can provide relocation services in your area. You may also contact us with questions of your own.


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Karen, You would need to call your local police department to see if you need to obtain a permit. Most places don't require one if you are moving in and out. The only places where we know that they are necessary are New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Most other places, you don't need them. The driver will evaluate whether he can back into your apartment complex. Most complexes have taken movers into consideration when designing their parking lots. Check with your complex manager prior to booking your move. The complex may not allow a big truck to be parked inside and you may have to shuttle your goods to the entrance or to a designated parking area. Making Moving Better
Russ, We would have to have them park the moving truck on the street instead of in the driveway. There is no way we can get a big moving van into a long, narrow, and winding driveway. Making Moving Better
Lorie, The best rule of thumb is: if you have seen a moving van on your street before, we can service it. That being said, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. First, permits. Some cities require special parking permits in areas. Check with the local authorities before arranging your move. If you are not permitted, they will really give everyone a hard time on moving day (and we all want to avoid that!). Second, access in general. If we cannot get a tractor trailer in front of your home, we will go to the nearest safe parking place and you would need to shuttle your goods to the truck. Thanks for the excellent question. I am sure that many visitors will find this useful. Making Moving Better
Owen, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia all pose special problems. Often times, it is against the law to park a tractor/trailer on the narrow city streets. Our suggestion is to shuttle your items to a place where the truck can safely park. This could be anywhere from a grocery store parking lot to a nearby movie theatre. Each location will have its own peculiarities. Check with local law enforcement before making your reservation if you live in a metropolitan area. As to your second question, yes, you can certainly move your motorcycle on the moving truck. Making Moving Better
Alexander, I am not sure what you are referring to here. Our license through the DOT is MC#298267. Is that what you are looking for? Making Moving Better
Julian, We have a list that we can send you. Basically you cannot put hazardous chemicals, flammables, propane tanks, and plants on a moving truck. If you stick to that as a rule of thumb, you will be fine. Making Moving Better,
Barbara, We use full-size, 48 and 53 foot moving trucks. For that reason, we are not able to service any part of Manhattan. We can get moving trucks in and out of the suburbs, but NYC is a no-go for us. Making Moving Better,
Anne, A good, simple question.'s license number is MC298267. We are also insured and can provide you with copies of both if you wish. Making Moving Better,
Lydia, That is what we do best. The driver will actually wait while you load and remove the truck as soon as you are finished. I also saw that you had reserved online (thank you!). Tomorrow, one of our representatives will finalize the dates for you. Making Moving Better,
G, We have several different truck rental options to choose from. We could bring a smaller truck if necessary. If you truly have an access problem, you might have to shuttle your goods to our moving van with a pickup truck. Always remember that if any other mover can get in front of your home, can too. Great question, thanks for sharing. The Web Team
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