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If you have made a large move in the past, then you might have previously used one of Moving Yourself’s competitors. Many of our customers want to know how we differ from the moving service companies that they have used in the past. We are happy to help you understand how Moving Yourself can improve on your past experiences.

There are many ways that Moving Yourself stands apart from the competition. Some of the most notable differences include that we provide you with furniture pads and furniture blankets, our drivers stay with the truck as you load and unload and we offer prices that allow you to reduce your moving costs.

To learn more about how we are different from our competitors, view the answers below or submit your own questions.


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Jorge, should be the most cost-effective. If you have a better price from a competitor, send it to us and we should be able to match it at the very least.
Marsha, We currently do not offer a POD type service. We offer door-to-door transportation on moving vans. The customer provides the loading and unloading. Most people in your situation find that it is much more economical to use for their transportation from state to state and then store their goods in a mini-storage at destination. Making Moving Better,
David, We actually do not provide containerized shipping. We have found that the safest and easiest way to move your household goods in on a moving van. So, we provide our service using fully-equipped moving trucks (with furniture blankets, loading ramps, dollies, and tie-down straps). The moving trucks that we use are made for the type of shipping that you are doing. Making Moving Better,
Tera, The moving trucks are generally equipped with 3 blankets per foot (or 150 for the entire truck). 3 per foot is usually just the right amount to pad customer's goods. Remember that NONE of's competitors offers furniture pads, loading ramps, dollies, or tie down straps. Using is the best way to move. Making Moving Better,
Mike, You would need to move your furniture from the POD into our truck. We could then transport the goods to your home and wait while you unload. This is a good question for others to see. Remember that if you are using PODS and containerized movers you might have difficulty with parking regulations. Making Moving Better,
Mark, does not provide container service. We provide door-to-door tranportation on moving trucks with the customers providing the loading and unloading. We can give you up to 48 hours to load the moving van. We have any size up to 53ft. The weight limit on each moving truck is 30,000#. We look forward to helping you with your move.
Jo, The smartest move would have been to have take care of your move! With us, the drivers would have secured your shipment inside the moving truck with large padlocks. :-) To answer your question though, the budget truck should have a latch that you can secure with a padlock. Making Moving Better,
Jack, You ask an interesting industry question here. First of all, let's address Uhaul. Equipment balancing is what causes the radical swings in their pricing. For instance, a truck moving from New England to Florida might cost $3500. A truck moving from Florida to New England might cost $900. The HUGE discount is because LOTS of people move from New England to Florida, very few move the other way. You may be moving in a lane that is one of their big money makers. We are always going to be less because of load consolidation. One of the moving trucks that we use can carry the equivalent of three 17ft Uhauls. So Uhaul might be charging $1500 each for the trucks where we will travel basically the same miles and sell the space to 3 different customers for $1000 each. We are, in reality, charging twice as much per mile as Uhaul, you are just sharing the burden with the others that are on the moving truck (I must add that each customer does get their own compartment on the moving van). Great question that I am sure others will find interesting.
Alan, The moving trucks are equipped with air-ride suspension AND loading ramps, tie-down straps, furniture blankets, and a dolly.... all at no extra charge. definitely provides the best way to move your home. Making Moving Better
Joseph, The moving trucks travel on the weekends, more importantly for most consumers, we also have loading and unloading 7 days a week... Our competitors will have a freight truck sit in front of your house, unsecured for 3 or more days!
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