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If you have made a large move in the past, then you might have previously used one of Moving Yourself’s competitors. Many of our customers want to know how we differ from the moving service companies that they have used in the past. We are happy to help you understand how Moving Yourself can improve on your past experiences.

There are many ways that Moving Yourself stands apart from the competition. Some of the most notable differences include that we provide you with furniture pads and furniture blankets, our drivers stay with the truck as you load and unload and we offer prices that allow you to reduce your moving costs.

To learn more about how we are different from our competitors, view the answers below or submit your own questions.


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David, Sometimes we are cheaper, sometimes we are not. Load balancing and equipment availability plays into pricing. is a "no-brainer" for you to move. The 28ft pup trailers that you are talking about are spring-ride freight trucks. The competitors provide none of the equipment that you need to move., however, is providing you service on a moving van that is air-ride and equipped with furniture blankets, loading ramps, tie-down straps, and a dolly. Your quote has been sent to Mike T, the representative that handles your area. He will call you at the number you provided and help you with pricing, loading and unloading timing, and with booking your move. We are looking forward to helping you.
Joe, Movingscam claims to be an unbiased forum for the moving public. In fact, Movingscam is a well-disguised advertising agency that makes its money trashing movers that don't pay the ransom for honorable mention. surveys every customer after the move and is constantly improving our service. Our largest contingent of business is repeat and referral customers. We make certain that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. If we were trying to hide poor service, we certainly would not put the question that you asked on the front page of our website. I appreciate the opportunity to address your concern. Sincerely, Stuart Suddath CEO, Inc.
Good question, has had 67 reported claims in the last 3 years. Great Scott! You may say. The rest of the story is that moved over 13,000 families in that time. So, our reported claims ratio is 1/2 of 1 percent. The average for the full service moving industry is somewhere around 8%... We pride ourselves on delivering quality service, time and again. Anything less than a great move is a failure to us. As you said, it is not how you handle the claims that counts... preventing them in the first place is infinitely better. Making Moving Better
Chris, You would need to call our relocation specialists at 800-876-6839 and be very specific about your needs. We can accommodate some storage, but need to know when and where you want it. Making Moving Better
Lesley, This is a good question. My first response would be to pricing. You know the old adage, "You pay for what you get". That could not be more true than in the moving world. As you can see, provides transportation on fully-equipped logistics vans, not freight trucks. The vehicles are all air-ride and equipped with furniture blankets, loading ramps, dollies, and tie-down straps. Your goods get a nice smooth ride and do not get damaged by the jarring that occurs inside freight trucks. Most self-service move providers are using freight trucks. Ramps are extra and rarely available. Your stuff rattles and shakes unsecured over hundreds of miles of road. Theirs is a system that was designed to haul shrunk-wrapped pallets of tools, not your furniture. As to pricing, we will be more expensive on some moves, less expensive on others (it is a matter of how "popular" your travel lanes are). Also, the larger the shipment, the more competitive we are. The freight companies only have 28' pup trailers. We have 53' air-ride trailers available. As to timing, we allow plenty of time for the trucks to be loaded and unloaded. Most customers do not want an unsightly freight truck sitting in front of their house for 3 days. Do you really want all of your goods sitting in an unsecured truck in your yard overnight? If you need an extra day for loading, it is not a problem. Just ask your relocation specialist for extra time. is here to serve you. On the move the you mention above, you are comparing us to a freight truck. We are giving you 36ft of space compared to their 28ft. So, you get more space to load and all of your stuff arrives in one piece. We are counting on that being worth an extra $500. Piece of mind is critical in moving. That is what we are offering. Hope this helps you with your decision. Making Moving Better
Nancy, We deal primarily with moving truck rental. We can assist with some temporary storage, but it is on a case by case basis. It would be best to call one of our relocation specialists to get pricing and availability. Thanks, The Web Team
Fran, Truck rental or pod rental is going to be quite expensive for the small amount that she is shipping. I would suggest boxing everything and sending it UPS. Without furniture to go along with it, that is the most economical choice. As for the Honda Civic, our cost to ship a car inside a moving van (not on an open car carrier) is $1200. If you would like some help or need to get an exact quote, please feel free to call us at 800-876-6839. Thanks, The Web Team
Jennifer, You will need a 17ft rental truck for that move. We can help you with your transportation, but we cannot help you with the storage part. I would suggest that you rent a mini-storage. Your stuff will be in a lot better shape than if you put it in a container storage that sits outside for a year. The weather will ruin your stuff if you do that. Good Luck. The Web Team
Unlike other self moving companies, will deliver and pickup 7 days a week. If you are considering truck rental, don't forget that you need to consider the cost of fuel, lodging, and consider the aggravation of driving a rental truck 62mph in the slow lane on the interstate. If you are moving in January, make sure you call and ask our relocation specialists about moving specials this month. We have several nice moving discounts for moves between today and January 31st. The Web Team
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