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Hi Julia, For a smaller shipment, we can quote you a minimum size and then the cost for each additional foot of space on the truck. The more space you order, the less it costs per foot. MovingYourself
Hi Sue, Yes, for small shipment moving we can get a space as small as 4ft x 8ft x 9ft on a moving truck. That is generally enough space for 1 bedroom of furniture plus some boxes. When moving long distance, space is how you are billed, so we want to get everything into the smallest amount of space that we can fit it on the moving truck. We will be emailing pricing shortly per the request. Thanks! Movingyourself
Hi Dee, We can move your small shipment on a moving truck and then ship your car on an auto transport. That will be the least expensive way to move across the country. We see that you already filled out the quote form. An email will be sent with pricing for moving your household and your car. Thanks!
Hi Marsha, We can certainly help you with your small shipment. The smallest space that we rent on a moving van is 4ft x 8ft x 9ft (LxWxH). If you need to move a car as well, we recommend shipping the car on one of our auto transporters and the furniture in the moving van. We can price this for you both ways, please let us know in the notes on the quote form if that is what you need. Thanks! Movingyourself
Hi Christina, Yes, we can help you with small moves. Please fill out the quote form at the top of this page and we will email pricing right away.
Josh, We generally allow between 10 and 12ft of space on a moving van (the equivalent of a 17ft rental truck). If you call 800-876-6839, one of the reps can help you with the different sizes available.
Melissa, Yes, our minimum sized shipment is 4ft x 8ft of space on the moving truck. If you have a lot less than that, you might want to check out UPS.
Susan, That is really a "ups" move. Our minimum shipment is 4ft and would probably be overkill.
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