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Tosha, You should allow about 16ft of space for your vehicle to go on the same moving van with your furniture. The rule of thumb is that each room of furniture should take between 4 and 5 feet of space on the truck. So I would recommend 26ft for what you have described. There are other variables to consider, but that is a good quick answer.
We can transport both cars and motorcycles. I would suggest calling our sales center at 800-876-6839 for an accurate quote as you have several variables to consider.
Please call our service center at 800-976-6839 and relay this information to them. They will get you the best pricing available for this type of move.
Something does not jive with that quote. 1600 cubic feet should weigh no more than 10,000#. 1600 cubic feet of goods might fit into the largest uhaul, but probably won't. I would recommed 36ft of space on a van at the very least.
Coleen, Absolutely. We will give you a guaranteed price per foot when you order your truck. You can have as much space as you need.
Yvette, We actually ship your goods in moving vans, not boxes. It is a much safer way to move and actually less costly than "container moving". If you call our relocation specialists at 800-876-6839, they can help you with suggestions on how to determine the space to order for your move.
We are very competitively priced because we order the space and plan for the entire truck in advance. Therefore, we cannot resell any leftover space to another customer. So we cannot refund unused space.
We could actually give you a small amount of space on a large truck going the same way. Please call our service center at 800-876-6839 for more information.
Charis, We can legally allow up to 30,000# on an entire tractor-trailer. If you are loading household goods, it is virtually impossible to get that much weight onto a moving van. If you have any concerns about weight because you have things other than household goods to load, please call our relocation staff at 800-876-6839 and they will clarify for you.
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