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We do handle moves that small, but only if they are moving from state to state. We are Federally licensed for interstate business.
Joanne, You are correct in that if you go over on your space, we have a set price per foot that you are charged for the extra space. There are no "gotcha" charges..
We actually charge by how many feet of space you use on the moving truck (measuring from the front wall towards the back). Our minimum shipment size is 4 feet. This should be about right for what you are shipping.
Glenn, We allow up to 28,000# to be loaded onto the moving truck. If you are loading household goods, there is no way that you could exceed that maximum weight. If you have something other than household furniture, etc to move, you should call our service center at 800-876-6839 to discuss with a relocation specialist. We do not charge based on the amount of weight, just based on the space. So you do not have to worry about being charged for more weight like you would with a full-service moving company.
Greg, We can give you some very broad answers to that question as the size if the home does not have as much to do with it as the amount of stuff that you have in that home. Our broad recommendation for that size move would be 22ft of space on our moving truck.
Judy, If you filled out one of our quote request forms at the top of this page, you will should have received a quote in about 5 minutes. We can accommodate any sized shipment from a small studio apartment up to a very large house. We specialize in shipping the largest households that require a full 53ft tractor trailer to move.
Good question. All of the trucks are 8ft wide and 9ft tall. The 5ft that was quoted to you is the length of space on the floor with a width of 8ft and height of 9ft. This applies to all quotes that are given on this site.
The trucks have a recessed track in the walls that allows the driver to put up braces and a bulkhead at any point in the trailer. So, in effect, each customer gets a private compartment on the truck. Also, once we have your shipment on board, it is NEVER left unattended. The shipment stays on the same moving truck from start to finish.
Scott, Consider that the trucks are 8ft wide and 9ft high. If you figure 10x25 as 250sqft of floor space and you want the same on the truck, you should get 32ft (x8ft wide gives you 256sqft. Of course, the density that the storage facility is packed could impact the amount of space needed on the moving van. But, apples to apples, you will need approximately 32ft of truck space to have the same size.
Lowell, We always suggest ordering an extra couple of feet on the moving truck. If you need more space on loading day, you can purchase it at the same per-foot rate that you paid for the rest of the space.. so there is no penalty for going over on loading day and you don't have to worry about running out of space (unless you need a whole other moving truck for your overage, in that case a fee for the second truck will apply)
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