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Moving Yourself is an excellent and cost effective choice for transporting your items from one location to another. We understand that sometimes, your destination is not quite ready, and you might need to place some items into storage. Our moving service company will happily help you arrange this.

As your moving truck service provider, we can transport your items to a storage area, but we are unable to store your items on the truck itself for an extended period of time. We do, however, provide ample time for loading and unloading, when needed.

Below, you will find answers to common storage questions. If you do not see the information you need, contact us to receive help from a relocation specialist.

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Sara, is the MOST economical way to move across country... that being said, we do not offer any long-term storage. The cheapest and safest way to handle your situation is to get a unit in a mini-storage facility (most do not have long-term contracts) and then have us make an extra pickup at the facility on your loading day.
Mar, While it is possible to delay your shipment by a couple of days, we do not have the ablity to hold your shipment for long periods of time. We suggest renting a storage facility at destination and delivering your furniture there. With the summer heat, it is not a good idea to leave your stuff in a truck baking at 100 degrees for weeks at a time.
Lisa, Yes we will. Most storage facilities have room for moving vans to park. Make sure that you let your facility manager know that you are leaving so they can reserve a parking place for us.
Tobey, Thanks. I will make sure Adam sees this on the website. We have several different storage options. Please call our office at 800-876-6839 so that we can address your specific needs.
Scott, Sorry, we only provide moving services, not storage.
You should talk to one of our service reps to work out a schedule that works for both of us. If the truck arrives before you get there, we would generally charge an inexpensive daily storage charge until you arrived or would make other arrangements to take your stuff to a storage facility.
Steve, We can help you with storage on the furniture part, but not the car. Shipping a car with your furniture requires our Premier Moving Van service and long term storage would not be available for furniture and your car. We can provide up to two weeks delay using our Exact Express Freight Service for the furniture portion. After one week, your charges will run about $50 a day (with a maximum charge of $480 per month), so you don't want to let that timer run too long! Hope this helps. For further clarification, one of our relocation specialists would be happy to explain all of this in detail.
Kendyll, We can certainly help you with storage at destination. We will keep your items on the moving truck and store it at our destination terminal until you are ready for it. The first few days are free and then there is a small daily storage charge. Please call our office for the details as they pertain to your move.
We have some short-term storage options (1 to 3 months), but we do not provide long term storage. We also highly discourage you from leaving your goods on a truck for an extended period of time due to potential damage from heat or cold. Your best option (and cheapest) would be to deliver to a self-service storage facility at youur destination.
We can drop the moving trucks off for up to 3 business days for loading and 3 business days for unloading. That is the maximum time available. We can delay the delivery of your shipment by up to one week for storage at no additional charge (this is only available with some of our service offerings, please ask your representative for details). Movingplace
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