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Moving Yourself is an excellent and cost effective choice for transporting your items from one location to another. We understand that sometimes, your destination is not quite ready, and you might need to place some items into storage. Our moving service company will happily help you arrange this.

As your moving truck service provider, we can transport your items to a storage area, but we are unable to store your items on the truck itself for an extended period of time. We do, however, provide ample time for loading and unloading, when needed.

Below, you will find answers to common storage questions. If you do not see the information you need, contact us to receive help from a relocation specialist.

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Tim, With some of our truck rental services, we can store your goods for up to 2 weeks. The charge for this is generally about $40 per day. Make sure that you order this in advance. If the truck arrives at the designated time and you cannot take delivery, you will need to make alternative arrangements to deliver to a local mini storage because the truck will already be scheduled to pick up another customer. Looking forward to helping you. The Web Team
Adrienne, These are great questions and I am sure that the answers will be applicable to many of our customers. Because drivers wait while you load and unload, we also can make extra pickups and deliveries. The charge for this is $95 per stop. No other truck rental company or self service moving company can offer this convenience! While we can provide up to 14 days of storage, I would suggest getting a self-storage unit in Tennessee. It will be cheaper and more convenient for you. Thank you for the great questions, we look forward to helping you with your move. The Web Team
Robert, If you are going to store your goods long term, you definitely want to put them in a mini-storage here in Florida. Your rates will be lower and you don't have to worry about the cold (unless you are putting them in climate-controlled storage in Colorado, again, expensive). Having a moving company store your goods for an extended period of time is very expensive. The Web Team
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