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Transit Time

At Moving Yourself, we always strive to have your shipments arrive at your destination when you need them. When arranging your move, our relocation specialists will provide a guaranteed delivery window for your moving services. This short window will differ depending upon the size of your shipment, the distance travelled, and any special requests.

As you can see from the questions and answers below, we try our best to provide solutions to your relocation scheduling challenges. Whether you need to relocate in the shortest time possible, or if you need your shipment delayed slightly so that your destination will be ready, our relocation specialists will do everything possible to accommodate your time restrictions.

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Gavin, It will take us about 7 days to travel all the way across the country like that.
It will take about three to six days for the moving truck to travel that distance. If we have your permission in writing, we can release the shipment to someone else at destination.
William, The time it takes to get to your destination is a matter of distance and other shipments on board. Our drivers average 500 miles per day in transit. Sometimes, they will need to pickup and deliver other shipments while in route, which can effect your delivery by a day or two. That being said, we have the shortest transit times in the industry and guarantee your delivery in writing.
Jennifer, Let one of our relocation specialists know your needs and they will come up with solutions for you. The moving trucks generally travel 500 miles a day, but if there are other loads going on the vehicle, that can change.
Jayne, We won't have you unload after business hours. We would generally wait until the next morning unless you had a special request. For a Saturday, I would recommend dropping off the truck on Friday and leaving it over the weekend for a pick up on Monday. We can work with you to accommodate almost any schedule.
Susan, We would not arrive until the 21st or after. If you have special scheduling needs, please make sure that you tell your representative when making your reservations.
It depends on the amount of space you have ordered. The more space you order, the more time you have (and will need) to load it. We generally can give you up to 3 business days to load and/or unload at no additional cost.
Krissy, We can service a move with as few as 3 days notice, however, that is very short notice and we would really like more time to get your moving truck arranged. Generally two weeks notice is good for us to schedule a moving truck.
It usually would only take a couple of days for transit. If it is a small order and is sharing a truck, we may need extra time for the other pickups and deliveries in route.
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