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Transit Time

At Moving Yourself, we always strive to have your shipments arrive at your destination when you need them. When arranging your move, our relocation specialists will provide a guaranteed delivery window for your moving services. This short window will differ depending upon the size of your shipment, the distance travelled, and any special requests.

As you can see from the questions and answers below, we try our best to provide solutions to your relocation scheduling challenges. Whether you need to relocate in the shortest time possible, or if you need your shipment delayed slightly so that your destination will be ready, our relocation specialists will do everything possible to accommodate your time restrictions.

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Sonny, Transit time is generally 550 miles per day. So CA to NC should take around 5 days travel time. The size of your shipment also determines how quickly it will arrive. For more details, please call our office at 800-876-6839.
Amber, Yes, we stay in contact throughout the move. Also, once you have been scheduled, we can give you the day and approximate time that your truck will arrive (barring any delays).
Mary, The number of days it takes to arrive depends on the size of the shipment and the distance traveled. You can generally count on the moving trucks travelling approximately 500 miles per business day. When you are scheduling your move, we can generally schedule your delivery date at the same time as we have a set transit guide.
Usually we allocate one full day for loading. If you need more time, it is available for an extra cost. Please ask your relocation specialist at 800-876-6839 for details as prices vary in different locations.
Risa, You can count on us travelling about 500 miles per day. The trucks may have more than one shipment on board (usually do), so the exact delivery times vary with each shipment. You can get more specific information by calling your relocation specialist at 800-876-6839.
Angelica, The trucks travel 500 miles per day. The delivery dates vary because other shipments might be loaded/unloaded in route (everyone gets a private compartment on the moving van). To get a more accurate picture, you would need to speak to one of our relocation specialists at 800-876-6839.
Kevin, In general, it takes about 1 day per 500 miles of distance traveled for transit time. There are other factors that can affect the delivery date. To narrow down your delivery, please call your relocation specialist at 800-876-6839..
Sarah, You will coordinate your arrival with your relocation specialist. If you are not there for your co-ordinated arrival, we can arrange to have the moving truck held at the destination until you arrive. MovingYourself web team
CArol, has some of the fastest moving van transportation in the industry. We can deliver your shipment in as few as 3 days. Your relocation specialist can help you narrow down the dates. Pricing is a tad more expensive the last couple of days of the month. If you ask your relocation specialist, they will be happy to price out different days for you to maximize your savings. Making Moving Easier,
The moving trucks generally travel 500 miles per day. However, they will make some extra pickups and stops along the way that should give you plenty of time to arrive before the moving van. We now also provide up to one week of free storage at destination. Please let us know your delivery needs and we can work with you to accommodate them.
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