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Size of the Moving Trucks

As Moving Yourself specializes in providing fully equipment moving trucks for do-it-yourself moves, our customers are frequently interested in learning more about the trucks that we provide.

While, Moving Yourself can accommodate moves of nearly any size, the majority of our trucks are 53’ moving trucks. The inside of these moving vehicles measure 53’ long, 8.5’ wide and 9’ tall. Using these trucks, we are able to relocate large amounts of furniture and your vehicles. The minimum amount of truck space that you can request from our team is 6’.

Here, you will find answers to many of the questions we have received regarding the size of our moving trucks. For more personalized information, contact us to speak with a relocation specialist.

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We can actually give you 4ft of space on one of the moving vans. That is 4ft deep, 8ft wide, and 8ft high.
Norma, All of our moving vans are 53' long. You can order part of it, or the whole thing! And our prices cannot be beaten.
Erick, All of the moving vans that we use are that, big moving vans. That being said, our carriers are in and out of neighborhoods and apartment complexes on a daily basis. If any full-size truck can get into your condo, ours can. If there is no way for us to do that, you would need to shuttle your goods out to the truck.
We have two different sizes of moving vans available, 53ft and 28ft. I would recommend that you order one of the smaller moving vans for your order. If you have too much stuff and need more than 28ft and we need to bring a 53ft'er, you are correct that access to some apartment complexes can be a challenge. The driver will get the truck as close to your home as safely possible. In the event that is not close enough, you may need to shuttle your goods out to the truck by using a smaller truck.
Hal, We have two sizes available. All of the trucks are 8ft wide, and 9ft high (inside dimensions). We have both 28ft and 53ft long trucks with those inside dimensions. Each truck has moveable walls so that you get your own compartment in the moving van and your goods are not comingled.
The moving trucks are 8ft wide and approximately 9ft high (there are minor variances from on truck to another).
Kara, All of the moving trucks are 8ft wide and 8.5ft tall. So, when we say you are buying 10ft, you are getting 10ft x 8ft x 9ft inside the truck. The 10ft is the length measurement.
The moving trucks are 8.5ft wide and 9ft tall inside.
Tom, The moving trucks are quite large (full-sized tractor-trailers). South Philly can be quite a challenge for access. If we cannot get the truck in front of your home, you may need to shuttle your goods to the closest safe parking place.
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